Nothing is new; everything is new.

Sometimes life seems to repeat itself. We encounter reoccurring situations, and folks we meet may remind us strongly of others we already know. It can feel like our lives are variations on a theme.

In divinely interconnected reality, all things are possible and coexist in the eternal now. In that sense, nothing is really ever new. It has always existed.

However, as participants in the dance of life we are always evolving, expanding our experience and growing our understanding. As we change, our perceptions alter as a result.

Faced with the exact same scenario days, weeks, months or even years apart, how we would receive and react to it would be different because we would not be the same as we were on the first go around. Our take on the repeated situation would be unique with each iteration.

Today’s message advises me that I can keep life fresh and interesting by growing myself and expanding my perception. When my beliefs and thoughts are new, the world is fresh and exciting.

Please reflect and share. What do you do to keep life interesting?