Realizations can’t be unrealized.

Sometimes we suddenly reach an unpleasant truth. We become aware of something challenging, something we’d rather not face. The situation, once unknown or previously thought to be tolerable, is now painful. We wish we could just look away, so it might go away.

But once we’ve seen something we can’t unsee it. Our altered understanding can’t be shelved. We need to deal with the freshly revealed truth as it is and not as we wish it might be.

Today’s message instructs me to consider a painful realization as a gift. Prior to a potential moment of clarity, I likely would have been subconsciously aware of the true situation. It almost certainly would have been causing subsurface discomfort and strain.

Once the truth reveals itself, I would be best served by acknowledging it and acting as my heart and gut suggest. Reality is always healthier and freer for me than denial.

Please reflect and share. How do you handle unpleasant realizations?