Honest and sincere

We like to think we are forthright people, clear and straightforward. And most of us probably are, much of the time.

We’re hopefully honest with others, save the little white lies we tell others to avoid social uncomfortableness. This is understandable, but perhaps with a little ingenuity we can find ways to be truthful without hurting others. “Does this dress look good on me?” “Blue is an excellent color for you. It brings out your eyes.”

We may pay less attention to whether we’re honest with ourselves. We may avoid recognizing the truth of situations or of our behavior, because to do so makes us feel uncomfortable.

But that underlying discomfort tends to take the glow off of things in general. It may be healthier to admit what is and find a way to handle the issue that acknowledges the truth and doesn’t make us unhappy.

Sincerity, or lack thereof, is another aspect of truth. We may say or do things without actually meaning them. “Of course, I’m not angry with you. Why would I be?” “I love everything about you!”

When we’re not sincere, we don’t honor our own feelings. So we dishonor ourselves. We also dishonor others by not being truthful with them.

While we may believe we’re being insincere out of kindness, insincerity often doesn’t ring true to the listener. Others may very well sense that we’re not being sincere. They just may not want to address that issue head on. So, we all pretend things are okay when they’re actually not.

In these situations, we can try to relay difficult truths as kindly and neutrally as possible. We can ask for divine inspiration to guide our words, to ease a potentially hard conversation.

Today’s message invites me to reflect on how honest and sincere I am. When I relate and act truthfully and sincerely, I honor myself and the rest of Creation.

Please reflect and share. How honest and sincere do you feel you are?