The Sharing: are you part of it? Learn how can you become happier, freer and more fulfilled. No membership fee required!

A guided meditation to celebrate the Winter Solstice. It’s also perfect any time you want to bring a little more light into your life.

A guided meditation to transmit the benevolent energies of the sun to ourselves and our planet.

A guided meditation to take you deep into your center to encounter allies to help expand your perceptions and clear your path to more joyful experience.

The Pool of Inner Vision meditation provides a simple but profound technique for accessing inner guidance and realigning your perception of yourself and others, freeing you to experience life differently. Enjoy!

A guided meditation to help you unify mind and emotions and up your emotional intelligence quotient. You’ll love how free it makes you feel!

A guided meditation using the power of dark matter and your true spirit name to help you recreate your template of light in accordance with your ideal self.

A meditation to help you remember the original template of light encoded in your body. Enjoy being whole, well, and perfect!

A meditation to help you balance the generative and actualizing sides of yourself. Kick back, relax, and savor the balance!

A body, mind, spirit balancing meditation to help you establish and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual equilibrium. Enjoy!

Listen to Anne discussing The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being  Human with noted exorcist, psychic, and author Jeffrey Seelman on Truth Frequency Radio.

Listen to Anne offering a guided meditation from Hilarion on the Harmonic Concordance, presented on Feronia Wellness‘s Mind-Body-Spirit Power Hour. Learn how to use the Harmonic Concordance energy to create balance and peace in your life and for the planet.

What a lovely description of how separation consciousness arises, from Rupert Spira.

Chris Spheeris is a divinely inspired composer and musician. This beautiful video clearly and simply illustrates how we are simply all connected by love.

Jeff Lieberman is a MIT-trained artist, scientist and engineer. His 14-minute TEDX is a powerful description of the sharing and a compelling call to view ourselves differently. “Maybe I am consciousness, shaped into a human being.”

This video features Brother David Steindl-Rast, a highly-respected Benedictine monk, author and spiritual leader. Look, listen and be inspired by this inspiring message on grateful living. Please visit

CrackerJack had it right, back in the 1970’s: the understanding that shared experience is beautiful—plus a prize!

The intense bond between human and dog in agility training epitomizes our interconnection in the sharing. Watch Chris and Chester thinking and working as one!

An uplifting video, in which children demonstrate that shared enjoyment is natural to us.

Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth. Shared experience is more fun! People all over the world know this instinctively; it is hard-wired into us as humans. Thanks Joe Clanton, for bringing this to my attention!

Lions and Kevin Richardson, one big happy family! This is extraordinary.

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