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Origins of Starlight Consulting LLC 

In 1998, Hilarion entered my life during a meditation. He shared information about our planet, the nature of reality, and how I related to it. Over time, he trained me to expand my outlook on existence. In 2011-2012, he formalized the lessons into a book he channeled to me—The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human, so that they could be shared with others.

I continue to receive information from Hilarion and other spiritual guides on a daily basis. It has helped me forge a new relationship with a man I adore, make a mid-life career change, raise two children, and surf the ups and downs of the business world.

Years of working in the service industry, for the federal government, and in information technology also taught me simple techniques for focusing one’s efforts. Combining these tools with intuitive input from my guides, I found a delightful synergy that was quite effective for initiating and navigating life changes.

Friends and coworkers began to ask me to help them, using my combined skills. Eventually, Hilarion urged me to offer my services (and his wisdom) on a broader basis. Starlight Consulting LLC is the result.

How intuitive consulting can help you

We usually know when we’re happy or unhappy. However, when we are unhappy we don’t always know why or what to do about it. Financial or health concerns also may present challenges. Our educational systems usually don’t teach us the most important life skill—how to be happy in everyday life. This often leaves us feeling stressed and dissatisfied, but unsure of how to make things different.

Strictly common sense problem solving skills usually don’t tap into the way the universe works spiritually. Purely metaphysical approaches often don’t seem to be grounded in reality. Successful life skills take into account the fact that we are spiritual beings having a physical life experience.

This is where Starlight Consulting LLC—Anne and Hilarion—can assist you. Intuitive consultation can help you:

  • understand why events in your life happen to you
  • find clarity about what you really want out of life
  • learn how your habitual thought patterns influence your life
  • understand why your relationships don’t seem to work/why you can’t attain your goals
  • learn simple techniques to help you progress toward your dreams
  • teach you basic spiritual exercises to help you train your thought patterns, so you feel happier and more grateful today

An intuitive consultation can provide a sense of renewed purpose and reassurance—you are not alone, you have a unique role in life, and the universe does want to help you be happier. The practical spiritual techniques and channeled information provided can help you feel freer and more satisfied in your everyday life.


15-minute brief session $45.00
30-minute session $70.00
60-minute extended session $120.00


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