The Owner’s Manual for Being Human

The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human offers a no-nonsense and elegant life premise:

  • You have divinity encoded within you and it is simple and easy to communicate with it.
  • You have a unique purpose as a human being.
  • The universe has a plan to help you pursue your dreams, find meaning and joy in your life, and feel happier, freer and more fulfilled—-today.

Through a spiritual explanation of the concepts that inspired quantum physics and string theory, and using energetic encoding to effect conscious and subconscious perceptual change, The Sharing will radically shift your life into a happier world of possibility, non-judgment, and gratitude.

Written in the language of the soul rather than the language of the mind, The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human provides a more joyful, carefree, even, and practical way of perceiving life’s ups and downs. It will change the way you see life and experience the world—here and now. The layout is clear and organized, and included bonus exercises clarify the concepts via real-life scenarios.

A book to shift your life paradigm. Read this book, change your life, tell your friends!

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“You are about to embark on an adventure into the deepest, most complex concepts of existence, experience your world being turned upside down, and marvel at the brilliant simplicity of it all. Intuition tells me this is only the first stop on a breathless journey for those who dare to continue on, opening their hearts and minds to a new, captivating, and powerfully spiritual voice.”

Sue Ulickey, spiritual explorer