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Anne L. Smith and her feline assistants

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Why Anne talks to animals

I learned telepathic animal communication in the 1990’s from my cat Beauregard and a Cooper’s hawk that frequented my backyard. Animals generally have no difficulty hearing us; however, we often have problems hearing them. My teachers were loving and very persistent. I began to sense when they were hungry, felt ill, or just wanted me to listen to them. From there, it was a natural progression to initiate conversations with them. As I continued practicing with them, I found it easier to hear them more clearly. I learned the skill extended to other creatures, both tame and wild.

Animals are very direct, honest, matter-of-fact, and loving. I love to converse with them. This is why I  help others with animal communication—I’m not only offering a service to assist people and their pets, I also receive so much joy from conversing with animals. They seem to like it too!

Animal communication can help you and your pet

Animals generally like and enjoy their humans. However, sometimes our behavior and expectations don’t make sense to them. When they try to reach us telepathically, usually we’re not listening. If they attempt to communicate with us in more physical ways—barking, meowing, scratching furniture, urinating inappropriately—we often don’t know how to interpret the message. This is where animal communication can bridge the gap.

Animal communication is a very direct, non-judgmental way of conveying information to and from you and your pet. It can help you:

  • receive insight into what your animal friend thinks and feels
  • share your wishes and expectations with your pet
  • learn what your animal friend needs and wants from you
  • strengthen your bond with them
  • add depth and understanding to your relationship
  • broker agreements on behavior (both animal and human)

An animal communication session can offer a sense of satisfaction and relief to both the human and the animal. It is a practical, direct, and feel-good way to solve problems and improve animal/human relationships.


15-minute brief session $35.00
30-minute session $55.00
60-minute extended session $100.00


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