Little realizations, big shifts.

Each of us has “aha” moments. We come to a sudden, and sometimes delayed, understanding about ourselves and/or events.

The realizations can be small: “I used to really enjoy french fries but now they don’t appeal to me as much.” Or they may be profound: “When my actions are questioned in any way, I take it very personally and get offensive.”

When we note and work with our fresh understandings, they come to us more often. Each realization we reach opens our mind a bit more commensurate with the depth of the concept.

Over time, a series of small realizations adds up to the capacity for far greater understanding. The more we understand ourselves and the world, the easier it is for us to change ourselves.

Today’s message invites me to celebrate my realizations, large and small. In learning more about myself and my relationship with life, I learn how to be happier.

Please reflect and share. What realization have you reached recently?