Change can banish discomfort.

We all feel uncomfortable from time to time. Particularly when we’re in a betwixt and between state, not quite ready to let go of the old and needing to grab onto the new.

In our uncertainty, we may hang onto old beliefs, thought patterns, or behaviors. They’re familiar and although they may no longer work for us, habit may seem comforting to us. So, we cling to what’s no longer functional.

While we know on some level we need to shift, we may be reluctant to do so. Change may seem scary, or it may seem to be a betrayal of our past. We continue in discomfort and dysfunction.

When we finally get up the gumption to alter what we’re doing or thinking, it usually comes as a relief. We are no longer burdened by our resistance and may wonder why the heck we didn’t switch things up sooner.

Today’s message invites me to embrace change more easily. Fluidity in shifting to meet new circumstances with make life easier for me.

Please reflect and share. What change might you welcome?