State what you want and let it happen.

We can be very clear about our desires at times. Sometimes so much so that we’re willing to move heaven and earth to achieve them. While it’s good to be proactive, it can also work against us.

When we’ve clarified what we want—-stating it firmly out loud is helpful—the temptation may be to take immediate action followed by sustained effort to get there. And it is useful to take a prompt first step to commit ourselves and show we have skin in the game.

It’s also smart to allow Creation some latitude to manifest our wishes in the best way at the optimal time for us. Getting things started and then confidently letting them percolate for a little bit can yield lovely results.

Today’s message reminds me it’s wise to let Creation be creative. When I don’t try to stage manage every aspect of my dream’s fulfillment, I allow myself to be pleasantly surprised.

Please reflect and share. Are you ever tempted to try to control Creation?