Up the ante.

Sometimes life can feel tiring. When we’re stressed and rushed, we can feel overwhelmed. Things may just seem to demand too much from us.

Often this occurs when we’re giving of ourselves indiscriminately. We may be gauging our efforts to others’ demands. And others may want what they want of us, regardless of the price we pay to deliver.

Or we may try to do everything perfectly, even the small things that need to be done daily. When we get overfocused on small repetitive details, we can kill much of our time and energy for very little significant return. If we make our bed sloppily or don’t make it at all one day, nothing bad is likely to occur.

When we focus our efforts primarily on the things that really matter to us—our dreams, long-term projects, important relationships, self-care, fulfilling hobbies—we’ll be happier and less stressed.

When we play the game of life with what matters to us at stake, we’re willing to up the ante because the prize is worth the effort and risk. We can and should up the ante, but only when it’s really important to us.

Today’s message encourages me to invest my time in activities and relationships that make me happy and further my dreams, goals, and values. When I’m true to what matters to me, life is more worth living.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel you’re invested in the right activities?