Keep it interesting

It’s easy to get into a rut. We find a way of relating to ourselves and other folks—particularly partners, children, and those close to us—and stick with it. After all, it works, doesn’t it?

And it often will work. However. things can begin to feel stale or a bit humdrum. Some of our spontaneity and joy may dissipate.

It’s not that we need to invest in buying and finding things and experiences to spice up our existence. Perhaps we simply need to freshen up how we see ourselves and others and how we relate.

Trying on new viewpoints, particularly when we attempt to see something from another’s perspective, is a dandy way of shifting ourselves.

This likely will take us a bit out of our comfort zones, but that’s a good thing. We discover new things about ourselves and others and open up possibilities for new ways of relating to others.

Today’s message invites me to switch up my outlook to keep things interesting. When I see myself and others in new ways, life is more exciting and holds more possibilities.

Please reflect and share. What perspective of yours might do with a freshening up?