Preference can lead to stagnation.

We all have personal likes and dislikes. We’d rather eat chocolate ice cream than strawberry. Our soft drink is Pepsi and not Coke. We’re meat eaters or we’re vegan. We’d rather lift weights than jog. We like to hang out with folks of similar beliefs.

Experience has taught us what we enjoy. And certainly, it’s good to choose to experience things that make us happy.

However, our palates and sensibilities can change. If we only stick to things known to please us, we deny ourselves the opportunity to find new things and people to like. We get a bit stale and predictable.

When we try out alternatives, we expand our experience and our minds. We may or may not enjoy the new, but we certainly will have something different to discuss. And we just might find our list of likes expanding.

Today’s message invites me to try something, anything, different. By opening up to the new, I increase my potential ability to perceive pleasure.

Please reflect and share. What new thing might you try out?