Look back in gratitude.

The last day of the year can have us feeling pensive. We may think of what happen in the previous year and what we might want to see in the coming new year instead. We brainstorm resolutions about what we might change in ourselves to make things better—exercise programs, savings plans, diets, self improvement courses.

Looking back in gratitude may not occur to us. Yet each and every day this year at least one thing went right: we were alive and breathing. We had the opportunity to interact in this wondrous shared existence.

And likely there were plenty of other items to appreciate daily—good meals, meaningful conversations, spectacular sunrises, chances to be creative, healthy days, good company. If we pick just one day, say yesterday, we can easily find at least 5 occurrences to make us feel grateful. Multiply 5 by 365 and there are an awful lot of things to spur thankfulness in a year. We’re truly blessed, and gratitude helps us manifest more of what we appreciate.

Today’s message encourages me to strengthen my gratitude. The easiest way for me to feel more fulfilled in life is to be thankful for what I do have. Life is good and about to get even better!

Please reflect and share. What can you appreciate right now in the present moment?

For more on the topic of gratitude, please see Chapter 10 Why Gratitude Brings Us More in my book The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human. Thanks!