Let go of what troubles you.

It’s a new year and many of us are pondering the concept of fresh starts. We may have ideas of how we’d like our lives to be different than they are currently.

We may crave change and want something different for ourselves. Yet we may discount that fact that the one constant in our lives is us.

Expecting the world to change around us while we remain the same isn’t realistic. But that is often what we hope for.

If we truly want an aspect of our lives to be different, we can benefit from starting work on that from inside ourselves. Our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions support and help generate the world we live in.

Do we have any emotional attachment, positive or negative, to things being the way they currently are? Are we possibly stuck in emotional patterns, especially with others, that reinforce our current circumstances? How might we escape them?

Do we truly believe that change is possible? Or do we feel we may be chasing a pipe dream?

Do we think we deserve to have what we want? Or do we allow recurrent thoughts about how we’re unworthy or how we never seem to achieve our dreams to reinforce the status quo?

Today’s message suggests I might benefit from some contemplation around what prevents me from getting what I want. When I’m willing to clear any personal baggage preventing my desires, I’m far more likely to find fulfillment.

Please reflect and share. Do you ever take stock of how you may unwittingly be tripping yourself up?