Sole mission: soul mission

We all can get caught up in trying to accomplish things. And that isn’t bad. Creativity and progress can be good, helpful, and fulfilling. But issues can arise when our drive blinds us to the goodness of right now.

For some of us, it’s quite easy to be single focused. We may tune out other aspects of our lives. Our sole mission may be to pursue one particular goal.

But nothing we do has any real long-term meaning or benefit if our hearts and souls aren’t involved. Our joy and passion make our efforts fulfilling and authentic.

We also may feel we need a life purpose. What is the most important thing we can do with our lives?

How might we combine our focus on progress with our need for purpose? How can our soul mission be our sole mission?

Here the important issue isn’t what, but rather how. How we experience life, how we view and treat ourselves and others, how we interact with all of existence—this is what truly matters.

When we do whatever we do with a loving, kind, respectful, and grateful mien, we get things right. We’re accomplishing our soul mission, not matter what we do.

Today’s message invites me to keep a soulful outlook in all my daily activities. This is my purpose, to honor all Creation in how I experience existence.

Please reflect and share. Do you have a sole mission or soul mission?