Think your life good

A few of us may feel we have everything we want out of life. Many of us may feel things could be a bit (or a lot) better.

What we think is powerful. Our thoughts and beliefs influence our perceptions.

So how we think about and evaluate what is colors how we perceive it. In short, our we decide how to receive existence by the beliefs and consequent thoughts we choose to hold.

Our thoughts and beliefs also help manifest what we encounter in life, whether or not this is a conscious process for us. Where we put our mental and emotional focus helps generate events in and around us.

When we evaluate our life as it is and pay attention to what is good, however small, our gratitude will help us feel better about things as they are.

Daily focus on being grateful in advance for things we would like to experience will call them to us.

Today’s message reminds me that I have the power to make my life feel good by using my thought mojo, When I think of my life as good, it will be.

Please reflect and share. Do you think your life is good?