Sameness is not safety.

We may tend to believe that an unvarying life is a safe one. If nothing changes, we’re not faced with any new challenges, and we can keep on doing exactly what we’ve been doing.

While it is true that in the same ongoing circumstances we know how to keep status quo, that doesn’t mean it is safe or desirable. We may feel comfortable in a rut and we’re afraid to break out of it. Insurance is based on the premise of providing us with money to help us keep things the way they are. While insurance can be a prudent investment financially, it doesn’t mean it isn’t motivated by fear.

But life by its very nature is dynamic. It’s always changing. We’re unable to prevent that change. It also likely is undesirable to try to do so.

Who knows? Our changed circumstances may be an improvement over current ones. Any alteration will push us to learn new skills and react differently. This is how we grow. It saves us from boredom and offers us a richer and varied life with more opportunities.

Today’s message encourages me to resist the lure of sameness. When I recognize the joy and freedom change can provide, I open myself to the bounty of Creation.

Please reflect and share. Are you comfortable in a rut? Or do you enjoy change?