You are the change the world needs.

We look around us and may see trends and situations that dismay us. Polarized politics, environmental decline, species die off, increased social rudeness, income gaps, and other scenarios may be disturbing to us.

These are large-scale issues. They may feel beyond our power to influence. It may feel like all we can do is decry their existence.

We do have control over one aspect of them however, and that is how we think and act. When an issue perturbs us, we can at least not contribute to it.

We can take small actions by stopping using divisionary rhetoric and consuming less fossil fuels and plastics. By planting pollinator friendly gardens, upping our politeness quotient we also can begin to shift the negative effects of the trends.

Others may notice our small changes and also choose to emulate them. This increases the potency of our actions. Our quiet minor actions may lead to larger-scale changes.

Today’s message reminds me that I can do much more than complain about what I don’t like in the world. When I support my belief and words and actions, I generate my own small part of the solution.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel your personal actions have an effect on the world?