Realize and release.

Sometimes we may feel caught up in a mess. We’re unhappy with what is happening. We don’t quite know how to handle it. And we’re unhappy about our negative mood and inability to solve the problem.

The more we go around the loop of thoughts and feelings, the more deeply it becomes entrenched. We can feel well and truly stuck.

And we are stuck, because we’re holding onto the same repetitive thoughts and emotions. If we don’t change our input, on the most basic level, into the situation, we won’t see a different outcome.

When we can realize that we are stuck, we can self-examine to understand why we are thinking and feeling the way we do. Does this possibly feel like a repeat of a similar situation in the past? If so, is it really the same?

Most likely, self-blame has a lot to do with our emotional stew. We may feel we’ve done something wrong or are incapable. Releasing our self-judgment will help us achieve some clarity. When we can get ourselves back to neutral and calmly assess what is, it’s likely a clearer path will present itself.

Today’s message invites me to let go of current expectations and judgments. When I’ve freed up my thinking and feeling, a more positive outcome will be easier to reach.

Please reflect and share. How does self-realization help you get past difficulties?