Ask politely for what you want.

Sometimes we get what we want from others, other times not. This may lead us to occasional frustration or disappointment.

I’ve been working with recently adopted cat Helios on manners in physical contact. He is a young, active Siamese with a tendency to communicate with his teeth. Gentle nips can be his style.

I’m trying to redirect him to ask for things or express affection in other more desirable, from my point of view, ways.

He’s learning that “greet” means I extend my finger for him to nuzzle and then he gets head pets. He’s also becoming familiar with “cuddle”, which indicates I will pick him up in my arms—briefly, he is after all a young Siamese—and kiss the top of his head and then place him down gently.

Today when he tried to nip my calf, I mentioned to him that I really enjoy snuggling his delightful kitty body. It’s strong and muscular and his fur is sleek and soft. His purr is loud and steady.

He tilted his head to listen and apparently took in the message. He is quite intelligent.

I had tucked my legs up on the chaise to remove nipping temptation. He hopped up next to me with a chirp and then settled into my armpit. He accommodated my wishes happily when I asked politely and positively.

Today’s message reminds me that so much of life can be this way. I simply need to remember to ask nicely for what I want.

Please reflect and share. What recent polite request of yours was granted?