Forgive and learn.

All of do regrettable things from time to time. Sometimes we’re on the receiving end and sometimes we’re dishing it out.

Hopefully, the undesirable act was either unwitting or unintentional. The consequences may be minor or major.

Holding a grudge about the results doesn’t undo the damage. It merely perpetuates the sting or pain of what happened.

We all, on either side of the issue, can learn from the experience. If we made the error, we can figure out why and what we need to do not to repeat it. Should we be caught up in self-blame and judgment, we can let it go. We’ll do better next time.

If we were affected by someone else’s mistake, we can forgive them. We don’t necessarily have to forget. We may wish to avoid the possibility of a repeat, if the damage was intentional. But holding onto the pain in our heart won’t fix anything.

Today’s message comes to me courtesy of Helios my cat, who thought it would be fun to climb the weeping fig tree. My frustration at the messy cleanup is over. I’ve verbally forgiven him and hopefully next time he will listen when I warn him away from an unwise choice. I suspect we’re both a bit wiser now. The fig tree will continue grow and prosper in spite of its tumble.

Please reflect and share. What recent upset in your life would merit some forgiveness and learning?