Always a new opportunity

Sometimes we believe we’ve messed up. A good opportunity came our way and we didn’t act on it.

We may berate ourselves and feel badly. Why didn’t we seize the gift that was offered to us?

But this doesn’t help and, in fact, likely will make things worse. In the arena of manifestation, our attitudes and reactions to events count just as much as what we visualize and pray for.

When our response is to ignore an opportunity and then generate negative emotions around the situation, it would seem to be a clear indication to Creation that we don’t want any further similar opportunities.

When we’re grateful for an opportunity and generally have positive emotions regarding it, even if we don’t capitalize on the situation, we’ve sent the message that we would appreciate more of the same. Yes, please send us another opportunity.

And there always are further opportunities, and perhaps even better ones. Next time, we will be ready to act on them, if we’re grateful, strategic, and a bit patient.

Today’s message reminds me to always be on the lookout for good opportunities. They come my way frequently and I merely need to be thankful and act on them as I deem appropriate.

Please reflect and share. Are you ready for a new opportunity?