Live the dream daily.

We all have dreams, ways we’d like our life to be. Relationships, abundance, possessions or wealth, careers, and lifestyles all may be things we aspire to.

When we dream like this, our fulfillment is pushed out to a future (often undetermined) date. The implication is that in the interim, we are unfulfilled.

Ideally if we want to manifest something in our lives, we visualize daily, use affirmations, are grateful for what we have, and take regular actions toward our goals.

This may seem like a lot of effort. It’s easy to try to establish the habit and then end up breaking it. In this case, our unwillingness or lack of consistency is perhaps the largest impediment to reaching our dream.

But what if we simply took at least one small step toward our dream each day. It might be visualization, it might be a minor concrete action, or it could be the choice to forgo a purchase or change a behavior to help get us closer to our goal.

The idea is that we make some alteration in ourselves to help our dream to manifest in the world around us. As within, so without.

When we further our dream daily in thought, word, and/or deed, we are living the dream. We have accepted that our dream is inevitable and are celebrating it with confidence.

Today’s message advises me to put a bit more focus on consistency. When I live some aspect of my dream daily, I am owning its completion.

Please reflect and share. How do you live your dream daily?