We have what it takes

Our problems can sometimes feel daunting. We know where we want to be, which is definitely not where we are at right now. The path from here to there usually isn’t clear.

So, we may take no action because we don’t understand what we need to do to accomplish our goal. It can feel scary to start off without a complete plan.

This unwillingness to risk is based on an illusion, the idea that we need a complete and detailed game plan. Even if such a thing existed, it would still be subject to change since circumstances will inevitably alter with the passage of time. So, we’re fooling ourselves if we believe we can simply create and follow a plan and have things work out.

We can, however, figure out a first small step take it. From there, we can figure out the next small step. Our actions will be dynamic and appropriate to the situation at that time.

All we need to do is have the courage to take one step. And we all have the ability to try one thing, however small. If it doesn’t work out as we hoped, we can pivot and take another step.

Today’s message encourages me to have confidence in my ability to achieve things one step at a time. Even miracles begin with a small step. In this way, I am capable of seeing miracles.

Please reflect and share. What small step might you take today toward achieving a goal?