Happiness is worth risk

Many of us are content in life. We likely feel okay with who we are, what we have, and where we’re at.

Others of us may not be as content. We may feel that life could definitely be better.

When we’re unhappy, it’s easier to be motivated to try to improve things. We may be somewhat willing to try different things to get more of what we want. Often, however, we’ll find that shifting ourselves is the primary change needed for us to feel better about things.

If we’re content, it’s easier to stick to what we know and have, even if we acknowledge that some things might be better. We may be reluctant to risk what we do have to improve our lives.

However satisfied we are or aren’t with our lives, we usually have to take a risk to see rewards. We need to ante up our focus, energy, and/or resources to see gains. When we’re willing to take a first step, Creation will join us in the dance of manifestation.

Today’s message reminds me I have to be willing to risk to in order to be happy. Openness to changing myself—my beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions—is the price of admission.

Please reflect and share. Are you willing to risk in order to be happy?