Ask for help.

Yesterday was a rough day. The cat we adopted last summer, Helios, was suddenly and notably ill. He was vomiting foam repeatedly, refusing food—he’s a chow hound, and crying out and lying in a hunched position. All ungood signs.

We snagged the first available appointment at the emergency vet and waited the two hours until he could be seen. We felt helpless and scared for him.

I reached out to animal lovers and energy workers and asked for assistance on his behalf. I also contacted my animal spirit crew on the other side and asked for their intervention and blessings.

I was assured by my spirit crew that he would be fine. We just needed to get him the appropriate health care. It was hard to stay entirely calm, but all the help we received made it easier than it might have been.

Xrays showed some small bits of radio opaque material in the process of passing through his colon. His vet believes they may have been mouse bone fragments. He has been known to solve a basement mouse issue here. Now to convince him that mice are a very expensive snack!

While we needed to take action to ensure his well-being, I’m also certain that all the assistance we kindly received helped produce a better outcome for him. We’re so very grateful! We wouldn’t have gotten the help if we hadn’t asked.

Today, he is doing much better. No vomiting, eating voluntarily, peeing and pooping, trying to play some. His eyes are sparkling again and there’s a bit of bounce in his step. The general consensus is that the offending material has passed.

Today’s message reminds me that when I ask for help, I am reinforcing the basic divine interconnection between all beings and things. In requesting assistance, I both receive and give a gift.

Please reflect and share. Are you comfortable asking for help?