Watch for signs

Sometimes we feel at sea regarding an issue in our lives. We’re not quite sure how to proceed and likely wish someone would just tell us the right thing to do.

Or we may have unknowingly veered away from what is good for us and may need a wakeup call. Conversely, we may absolutely be on the right path but may benefit from confirmation.

While we may wish for a message to clarify things for us, we likely are uncertain what that message might be. We’re hoping for something but don’t know what to look for.

This is where we need to remember the infinite creativity of the divine. Messages and signs come in a myriad of forms, often ones which we may not expect and therefore may fail to recognize.

Our sign could be a song on the radio, a bird landing in a tree directly in front of us, a detour in traffic, a deep sense of knowing, or a chance overheard conversation. When we’re hoping for a message, we need to be extra aware of what goes on around and in us. Our sign will be there for us when we pay attention.

Today’s message reminds me to ask for a sign when I’m confused and then be alert for my answer. The endless benevolence and inventiveness of Creation will surely make itself known to me.

Please reflect and share. What sign have you recently received?