What makes you happy

For many of us, activities that make us happy are for special occasions like weekends, holidays, and vacations. The rest of our days may be filled with things we feel we have to or should do. If we’re lucky, we may squeeze in some pleasurable time during the work week.

This is sad, because the entire purpose of life is to enjoy it. That doesn’t imply that our existence will be an unending chain of happy events. But it does have us living from the stance of being grateful in the moment to savor whatever goodness there is.

Because we may feel duty bound to do certain things and live a particular way, we may end up existing in a way that isn’t true to our inner nature. We become a parody of what others and we think we should be. This stifles our creativity and originality. It makes us small and generic.

But what if, what if we let our true nature decide for us? What if we devoted more of our precious time here doing things we love? What if being happy and true to ourselves was a daily mode of operation? How might our lives be different?

Today’s message invites me to dedicate time each day to do things that make me happy. When I live my life expressing who I am rather than to expectations, I honor myself and Creation as well.

Please reflect and share. What makes you authentically happy?