Spiritual feeling work.

Those of us who try to follow a spiritual path likely have a sense of how that might feel. We would like abundance, peace, love, and kindness in ourselves and our lives.

It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? However, we may go through much of our everyday lives feeling annoyed, scared, ill-treated, unloved, and ill at ease in response to life events.

Often what we’re feeling may be the opposite of what we say we want. We hope for one thing while creating its antithesis. We may reason that when we’re more spiritually advanced, the benevolent qualities we aspire to will somehow come to us naturally.

But being more spiritual is work. We need to build our spiritual muscle by being aware of our failings and then doing better. We don’t need to recriminate ourselves when we slip; we just need to try again.

A lifetime of tweaking our emotions, thoughts, and responses consciously will eventually lead us to having them more naturally be what we might prefer. However, we need to put in the effort.

Today’s message reminds me that feelings are at the basis of how I perceive my life. When I consciously foster positive, hopeful, kindly, grateful, loving feelings in myself, my existence shapes itself in accord with my feelings.

Please reflect and share. How do your feelings affect your reality?