Little things accumulate.

We may think of the arc of our lives as influenced by major events—births, marriages, degrees, promotions. It’s easy to believe that if we get these larger happenings going as planned, we’ll have the life of our dreams.

Similarly, we may feel that if any of these big picture items doesn’t come to pass for us, that our dream life is destroyed. We will have failed to achieve what we hoped for.

But our day-to-day lives are mostly characterized by little things. Good coffee, favorite music, interesting conversations, happy interactions are on the plus side of this. On the minus side would be minor accidents or injuries, missed appointments, temporarily tight finances, small arguments with loved ones.

These small-scale events string together to make up the fabric of our every day lives. We likely characterize a day as good or bad depending on the nature of these minor happenings.

The events of days accumulate into months and years. Our lives are a long chain of minor events.

Paying attention to and cultivating small, pleasurable things can change the nature of our lives’ nature. Dealing with the negative small-scale events cheerfully and celebrating the positive ones transforms our lives into general happiness.

Today’s message reminds me to create and accumulate small happy memories each day. I get to choose the nature of my existence with my focus.

Please reflect and share. What small goodness is happening for you right now?