Feel your way through life.

Many of us are planners. We have goals, sub-goals, and action plans. All of these are likely carefully thought out. We put a lot of mental energy into deciding what is good for us, how to act, and what to do.

And this is fine, as long as our thoughts aren’t the only drivers of our choices. We are also emotional and spiritual beings. We have feelings and are interconnected in life with everything else in existence. Our choices don’t occur in a vaccuum.

We likely will do best when we balance our rational thought processes (conscious mind) with our feelings and intuitive input (subconscious mind). When we honor ourselves as both physical and spiritual beings, we make choices that honor all aspects of ourselves,

Today’s message encourages me to allow my feelings to guide my choices, at least in part. Sometimes, when my feelings and intuition about an issue are particularly strong, I will want to heed that message over any rational thoughts I may have.

Please reflect and share. Do you allow your feeling to guide your choices?