Perfection is a concept.

We all long for something perfect. A perfect relationship, perfect performance, perfect child, perfect job, perfect meal—we usually have a clear ideation of what that would imply.

Unfortunately, we never really experience that perfection. But our longing for it persists. And our fixation with perfection may cause us to be dissatisfied with anything less.

Looking to find our ideal, we may fail to see the goodness of what we have now. And what we have right now might very well meet someone else’s definition of perfection.

They might be thrilled to have a complete, filling, healthy meal even if it isn’t perfectly prepared. Having a romantic relationship, even if not perfect, might be their idea of heaven.

Today’s message advises me to redefine perfection. Perhaps perfect is exactly what’s in front of me now.

Please reflect and share. Are you a perfectionist?