Love bridges all divides.

Our societal dynamic has been challenging recently. There are so many perceived divisions. We think, speak, and act differently on topics of politics, prejudice, the economy, the Ukraine war, the 2020 election, LBGTQ equality and rights, abortion—just to name the most recent few.

We struggle when folks don’t hold similar opinions to ours. We’ve lost physical and emotional connection with friends and family as a result. Sometimes it seems impossible to bridge the divide of conflicting ideas and values.

In all this turmoil, one thing is constant. And that is our interconnection with everyone and everything that is through divine conscious love. It’s easy to forget that.

Our outrage and judgment of others can blind us to the fact that we have more in common with each other than not. We are eternal spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our opinions on current events are temporary in greater existence.

Today’s message reminds me that love outlasts any schisms between me and anyone else. When I remind myself that everything and everyone is conscious love, it is easier for me to act accordingly.

Please reflect and share. How might a dose of conscious love help you?