Love connects across any divide.

We’ve all experienced political polarity recently. It seems extreme. It seems useless and counterproductive. And yet, we can’t help but sometimes feel incensed with others who believe differently. It’s painful to know that differing thoughts may separate us from others.

Personally, I’ve experienced the loss of too many pets I’ve worked with as animal communication clients recently. In communicating with them, I develop a fondness and closeness with them. It feels hard to know I won’t be having those interactions going forward.

The hurts we’ve been experiencing are illusory, in that they only happen in the here and now of physical existence. On a grander scale, there is no true division in divinely interwoven reality. Love connects us all.

Today’s message reminds me to focus on the love rather than on the pain of separation. The love will always be there waiting for me, when I’m willing to pay attention. Nothing can destroy or prevent love.

Please reflect and share. How might a reminder of loving connection help you?