You are so loved

There are days when we may feel unloved. It may seem that others don’t care about us. Perhaps our partner feels dismissive, or we may not have a current partner. If we have children, they may not seem to be tuned into us or demonstrative. Friends, similarly, may feel distant.

If we stop to think about it, we may not even like ourselves, much less love ourselves. Perhaps we are unlovable?

While this may feel quite real to us, it is simply a perception. It’s an interpretation of what is filtered through our beliefs, thoughts, and past experiences. In other words, it may not directly relate to what’s going on right now.

In this type of mindset, we forget who we are and how we are made. We’re expressions of divine love, a splinter of divine consciousness, made incarnate in a physical body. As such, we are love and completely lovable. While others may not seem to realize this and we also may not feel this about ourselves, it is, nonetheless, the truth of our intrinsic nature.

As part of divinely interconnected Creation, we are loved by all that is. If all is loved, how can we not be loved and loveable. When we’re willing to believe this about ourselves, self-love comes more easily. By extension, it is also easier to love all the rest of Creation too.

When we love ourselves and love all of existence, we’re more open to feeling love. And not surprisingly, it’s easier to recognize how much we are loved. Love attracts love.

Today’s message reminds me I am love, loving, and loved. Rightly perceived, nothing else is possible.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel loved?