What are you dreaming about?

We may think of the waking world as reality and the dream world as unreal. After all, we can often make some sense of our daily events. Our nighttime dreams may feel surreal.

But both the daytime and nighttime realms are real, and what we experience there is reality, just somewhat different in each case. And we need different skillsets to interpret and fully experience what occurs in each.

We process most of what we experience daily with our conscious mind. We likely reason and think through what we perceive, giving us an often illusory sense of control over what occurs. Logic is usually the preferred way we process with the conscious mind.

Our dream imagery is often associated with feelings, an area with which we may be less comfortable. Dreams are the realm of the subconscious mind, which is linked more closely to the quantum field. Intuition and inner vision help us process with the subconscious mind.

Many of us may dismiss our dreams. We may not understand them. Or we may simply view them as a quirky result of sorting through the previous day’s events.

But our dreams are a way for all of Creation to get past the perceptual barriers of the conscious mind. They’re a window into our inner world and can provide information and messages from the grander reality.

Today’s message invites me to pay closer attention to my dreams. My inner voice is calling me to share in a broader view of what is.

Please reflect and share. Do you pay attention to your dreams?