Feel the difference.

Sometimes we struggle to choose between alternatives. We want to do the right thing and we also want a desired outcome. It may feel like both options aren’t possible.

Or we simply may have a confusing number of options, or two options that seem to have a similar ratio of upside to downside. This can leave us bewildered about what to choose.

If we’re not getting a clear answer through rational thought processes, we may need to involve other portions of our awareness.

We also register input, particularly sensory input, through the awareness in our gut and in our heart. We can access this wisdom by relaxing our mind and clearing it of thoughts, and then heeding what our subconscious mind brings to our awareness.

A simple way is to tap into our subconscious mind’s wisdom through bodily sensations and feelings. We can calm ourselves by doing rhythmic, deep breathing until we feel neutral and even. Then we can ponder an alternative and note what physical sensations and emotions arise in response to that option.

That completed, we take calming breaths until we feel neutral once more. Then we ponder the second alternative, once more noting what our body and feelings are telling us.

After breathing again to reach a neutral state, we mentally review our responses to the two alternatives. We may have felt tension at our solar plexus and unspecified anxiety. Or we may have felt pain and tightness in our shoulders along with an emotional weight.

The possible responses are many, but when we review them, we’ll likely recognize that one option made us feel better than the other. By feeling the difference, we can take factors we’re not consciously aware of into our decision-making process.

Today’s message reminds me that bodily sensations and feelings are clues to help steer me through life. When I’m willing to listen to my inner wisdom rather than simply reasoning through things, my choices are likely to be more beneficial.

Please reflect and share. How do you access your inner wisdom?