Gratitude is our purpose.

We hear a lot about the concept of life purpose. Each of us has unique traits and skills and an individual life path. Ideally, we find a way to live that leverages our interests and abilities to generate happiness.

Particularly if we’re not feeling fulfilled, we may wonder if we are serving our life’s purpose. We can also fret that our opportunities to do so are passing us by. Or we may worry if we feel our unique purpose is unclear to us.

It’s really much simpler than that. We are, as a unique splinter of conjoined divine consciousness, here to enjoy and appreciate Creation in all its manifestations. Enjoying life and being appreciative of our existence allows us to contribute beauty to the divine whole.

Today’s message reminds me that gratitude is my first and foremost purpose every single day. When I savor life and am thankful, I fulfill my destiny.

Please reflect and share. What part does gratitude play in your life?