Shine a light on what’s working.

Our lives are assorted—some things that are to our taste and some that are not. We certainly notice the things that displease or annoy us. We may pay less attention to the things that please us, particularly if they are minor.

In this, we ignore the accumulation of minor blessings. Each and every day, we have countless situations going right for us. We wake up feeling fairly healthy. There is hot running water for a shower. We have a wardrobe of clothing to choose from. An array of food items is available for breakfast. The car starts when we turn the key. And this is in just the first couple of hours of our day!

Today’s message reminds me to notice and appreciate everything in life that goes my way. My gratitude for blessings minor and major improves the quality of my life.

Please reflect and share. What are you grateful for right now?