Gratitude is attractive

We all know an individual who complains a lot. That person might even be us. Negative comments and attitudes are frequently expressed. It can be tiresome.

If we’re listening to a complainer, it can drag your mood and energy level down. When we’re complaining, the negative focus can make us more tired and depressed. We may try to avoid the negativity by avoiding the complainer, but that’s not possible when it’s us.

Complaints often have a strong emotion attached to them. As such, they’re energetically charged. They will attract more of the same according to the law of manifestation. And that’s probably not what we really want.

Conversely, gratitude is fun to feel, and it feels good to be on the receiving end of thankfulness. We’re happier to be around folks to appreciate us and life in general.

Creation operates in the same way. It enjoys gratitude and rewards it with more of what we appreciate. Gratitude attracts good things and experiences.

Today’s message reminds me that I will attract more support and blessing when I’m grateful. Gratitude gets me more of what I really want.

Please reflect and share. Are you by nature a grateful person?