Color yourself happy.

Most of us have a favorite color or two. Wearing that color likely makes us feel good.

We may or may not have considered the effect on us of having our favorite color in our environment. Color certainly can affect our moods. Red, yellow, and orange shades can be energizing. Pink is usually pacifying. Blue and green are often soothing. And purple can relax us and make us contemplative.

By paying attention to how color in our surroundings affects our moods, we can employ various hues around us support our well-being. Understanding the effect we’re trying to create—we certainly want different vibes in a bedroom or bathroom as compared to those desirable in a kitchen—we can also select colors that support our preferences and purposes for the space.

Today’s message invites me to use color more consciously in my environment. A colorful life is a happy life for me.

Please reflect and share. How does color affect you?