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We easily can fall into routines. We find something that works for us and we stick with it.

These rituals can involve personal care, relationships, career, leisure activities, and even pleasure. We feel safe with a known way of doing things and believe we can get dependable results.

While having a self-care routine is commendable, it’s possible that something else a bit more varied might be healthier for us. Relationships can become a bit stale if we always do the same things together.

Even pleasure can sometimes use a tweak. We love vanilla ice cream. We might always enjoy vanilla ice cream. But what if we had never tried chocolate ice cream. Sticking with vanilla, we might not know what we’re missing.

So, we may wish to step out of our usual routines occasionally. We may not like what we try differently, but then again, we just might.

By trying something different, we allow ourselves to be a bit more flexible. This flexibility can help us when the unexpected occurs.

Today’s message encourages me to be a bit more adventurous in my routines. By trying new things, I expand my flexibility and awareness.

Please reflect and share. What new thing are you willing to try?