Voluntary risk.

It can be easy to stay stuck in sameness. We don’t have to make as many decisions. We know what to expect. And we may minimize risk by not changing.

The problem with this stance, other than boredom, is that change happens anyway whether or not we wish it. Even if we’re perfectly content with our lives as they are, something will occur that forces us to shift.

Sometimes involuntary shift is required in response to a larger event—health issue, relationship problem, financial stress, career instability. This can result in greater, usually uncomfortable risk.

We can, however, teach ourselves to handle risk better. We can learn to be more flexible and creative in the face of changing circumstances.

One way to do so is through voluntary change, especially if it involves at least some minor risk. When we choose to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones a bit, we help strengthen our emotional and mental resilience.

Today’s message advises me that choosing risk can be healthy. When I take a reasonably well-calculated risk, follow my heart instead of my head, or try something that makes me a bit uncomfortable, I grow my skillset for adapting to involuntary change.

Please reflect and share. How do you feel about risk?