Gift yourself

We sometimes doubt whether our existence really matters. We may have high hopes for leaving a mark on this world. But those hopes also may seem ridiculously unlikely.

We may question whether, if we died tomorrow, what lasting impact our actions would have on others. To do something so grand that we’d be known for our accomplishment may feel unlikely and out of our reach.

While most of us may never be famous, nonetheless, we can have a durable effect on others. What we do, say, think, believe, and feel matters, although it might not seem that way.

Our conscious existence and vibe contribute to the divine collective awareness. If our vibe is loving, it does so even more strongly, as it is in alignment with divine loving consciousness.

When we operate with that love at the center of what we think, say, do, feel, and believe, we provide a positive loving model that can help guide other aspects of Creation to be more aligned with divine love. We may or may not have contact or communication with those other aspects, but still our love is carried on the currents of creation like the perfume of flowers on a humid summer evening.

Today’s message reminds me that the most precious gift I can give is that of myself, my true and loving self. When I model being genuine and loving, I help others do so as well.

Please reflect and share. What gift do you offer of yourself?