Love transforms

Regardless of our personal and philosophical persuasions, we may be dismayed by current events. It can seem that there are good reasons to be concerned about the present and the future.

Yes, things are shifting, perhaps in ways that distress us. We may be urged or feel we need to fight against those of differing beliefs. It might seem we need to do so to remain safe and sane.

When we accept this mindset, we forget who and what all of us are about. We are, all of us, splinters of a divine whole. We all have our origin in conscious love. When we forget this, we experience pain and division.

Conversely, by remembering who we individually and collectively are, we can create peace and understanding. In acknowledging that our commonality is stronger than any differences, we defuse the separation consciousness that pervades our fearful mindset.

When we hope and we emphasize love, we free up our mojo to be positive and create. Imagine the collective power we could unleash if we all focused on loving each other and healing any schisms and wounds.

Today’s message advises me that if I want to live in a different world, I need to love the one I inhabit. When I love myself, others, and all of Creation without judgment or reservation, I embrace my role as a divine co-creator.

Please reflect and share. How has love transformed events in your life?