New approach, new results.

Often, we think we’ve got things figured out. We’ve seen the situation before, handled it in the past, and feel we know just what to do.

Yet sometimes we’re caught short. What we felt was tried and true simply doesn’t work anymore. Our tendency may be to try what didn’t work well at least one more time.

Surely, if we pay attention and perform the familiar actions once more, they will work as desired. But they don’t and we’re left to figure things out from the get-go.

When we pause and brainstorm a new approach, we usually find it will yield better results. We may need to tweak it a few times, but eventually we figure out a workable solution. It will likely become our new go-to procedure for similar situations, at least until it also no longer works.

Today’s message reminds me that simply performing routine actions would make life quite boring. The challenge of finding new ways of doing things spurs my creativity and allows me to keep learning.

Please reflect and share. What go-to procedure do you need to ditch?