Keep it simple, let it happen.

Sometimes we want something so badly we’ll go to almost any lengths to get it. The more we contort to make things happen, the more complicated things get. And our desire still may elude us.

When we try to push reality into form, we may not be aware of all the factors in play. What we want may not be best for us. Or the timing may be off. Or we just may be trying too hard and ignoring other more things more important to our well being.

When we trust in the benevolence of Creation, we can be confident that we have and will have everything we need for a good and fulfilling life. We can visualize our dreams and take small, regular, simple steps toward that end. And we can allow divine timing to deliver us what we need as we need it.

Today’s message reminds me that anything good is worth waiting for. When I keep my efforts toward my goals simple and patient my mind is clear, and I can enjoy what is in the moment.

Please reflect and share. Do you ever try to force things to happen?