Positive new beginnings.

All of us struggle with feeling stuck from time to time. We may be unhappy with what is and frustrated because we don’t know how to make things better. Or worse, we may have given up on even trying.

Just like indigestion is a sign that what we’ve eaten isn’t agreeing with us, a feeling of being stuck is a sign that we’re not tolerating our current circumstances well. In both cases, what is needed to right things is change.

In the first instance, we may need to change our diet. In the second instance, we need to change either some aspect of our life or our attitudes and beliefs about it.

Starting from within is always a good choice. Balancing and curating our thoughts to be helpful and positive will give us the best possible starting point for any changes we wish to make. That implies releasing any negative images and beliefs, particularly those that are self-critical or defeatist.

Life will not always be smooth and easy. It isn’t static. Life flows and shifts, and that sometimes will mean we may not care for all of its alterations.

Staying positive will help us flow with life’s shifts more readily, turning the momentum of change to our advantage rather than fighting it. Each day is a new beginning and offers an opportunity to reposition and reframe our thoughts. We’re more able to capitalize on what comes our way when we’re not negatively attached to what was.

Today’s message indicates to me that the upcoming lunar eclipse on Saturday October 28th is a splendid time to move into new, positive, and healthy ways of thinking, believing, and creating. When I am willing to change and adapt, I flow more naturally with life.

Please reflect and share. What positive new beginnings might you think your way toward?