It’s only temporary

Things we experience as bad or difficult occur from time to time. This can be depressing. We may feel the situation may never get better.

When this happens, it helps to remember that things always change. Sometimes we may see the alteration as an improvement and sometimes as a problem. But things always shift and evolve.

So, no matter what we’re going through, it won’t be permanent exactly as it is. It will become different over time.

Knowing this and retaining a positive and hopeful outlook can help us weather the challenging times. Things will change. The situation is only temporary. And what happens in the future could be better from our point of view.

Today’s message reminds me that all difficulties have an expiration date. I won’t ever be stuck in an uncomfortable situation forever. When I do my best in spite of issues and remain cheerful, I help usher in a positive change.

Please reflect and share. How do you handle difficult situations?