Passion promotes.

We’ve all had them, projects we needed to complete or goals we needed to reach for which we just couldn’t muster much enthusiasm. We probably accomplished them but likely did so with as little effort as possible. The results may not have been stellar.

It’s hard to be all-in when we don’t like or don’t care about what we’re doing. We also don’t enjoy ourselves much. Without passion, what we do can seem boring or even like drudgery.

By contrast, when we’re fired up about what we’re doing, it’s easy to expend our energy and time pursuing our desired end result. We’re excited about the outcome and are having fun getting there.

If we want to be both happy and successful, it’s much easier when we’re passionate about what we do. Even if the end result isn’t quite what we hoped for, our overall experience will have been good and useful.

Today’s message invites me to use my passion to promote doing what I love. When I’m fully engaged with life, it’s a beautiful and rewarding experience.

Please reflect and share. Does your daily life honor your passions?